Bounding the Vast Internet
in 210 pages & 4 Ft. of color foldouts
stuffed into a 4 1/2" x 3 3/8" coil bound
book.      Fits in any shirt pocket.     Filled
with info you need to design & maintain
LANS/WANS, configure routers, switches,
manage & test your own security.
                                                                         © 1998-2015

One side of the 2.5ft detailed color diagram
that shows you attack flow during a pen test
or the inner workings of the Telco/service
provider "cloud"
Network Field Survival Guide© puts
readily useable network information
in the hands (and pocket) of those
who need it.
Panoramic view of the entire Server/Browser
eco system in a 2.5 Ft color foldout diagram
Get the BIG PICTURE Literally!
New Color foldout depicting
shellcode delivery hi-jacking
the instruction pointer
San Diego, CA.  92130
ISBN:   0-9728941-0-1    ISBN-13: 978-0-9728941-0-4
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Pen Test 101
User Feedback
NFSG is a great network pocket guide for Jr & Sr Network/Security Engrs, Project Mgrs.
and instruction.     NFSG fits in your shirt pocket, has 4ft of color foldouts, covers Network Basics, Router/
Switch Configuration, Routing Protocols,  Pen Testing, Cybersecurity Laws, Cryptography, RF, Wireless
installs, Antennas, Satellites, DoD C&A, Firewall & IDS strategies,  VPN's, Threat Mitigation, Network Mgt,
Troubleshooting, CO/Facility wiring and more.    A great reference and powerful tool during configuration,
design meetings & conference calls.    Whether you need to configure a router, set up firewall rules or dissect
a packet capture NFSG has it.  4 Ft.  of color fold outs contain the anatomy of  IP, TCP,  Web Srvr,  Browser,
Penetration Testing 101, & WAN circuits are worth $16.95 by themselves. Imagine all this - in your shirt pocket!
There is NOTHING  like these color foldouts on the INTERNET or in ANY  other book! © 1998-2015

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